The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that Media Alive has had a rebrand recently. To go with our relaunched website, we thought we’d take you behind the scenes of the changes and why we decided to make them.


Back in 2012, we founded Media Alive as a new full-service media and creative agency. Between us, our team had decades of strong industry experience, but the agency itself was still new. It had to make a name for itself.

Six years on, the time felt right for an update. Styles have changed over the years, so we wanted to refresh things. But more than that, our company had grown and matured to a point where the brand needed to reflect that.

We’re no longer the new agency on the block. We’re established, we have a great (and growing) client base. Our old tagline was Media Alive – Smart Media, Clever Creative, but our reputation for creative work that makes commercial sense, and for outstanding media buying, means that we don’t have to explain what we do any more.

We decided to move the focus back to YOU, our clients, and put you at the heart of our brand. That’s why we’ve stripped our name back to the basics (we’re now known simply as ma), and put YOUR BRAND front and centre of our tagline:


It’s not about us. It’s about providing you with what your brand needs.


At ma we value confidence, transparency and simplicity, and those elements drove the design for our new logo. The colour is calm but bright, understated but confident. There isn’t any fancy imagery, simply the initials by which we’re now known. It’s not busy or fussy, it’s not trying too hard. It knows what it does, and it does it well.

A rebrand isn’t just about refining and designing a brand personality, though. Once that’s done, there are the practicalities of rolling out the brand across the business. Luckily, that’s one part of what we do every day for other people, so we’ve taken it in our stride.


It’ll be no surprise to you that the biggest task was the website. Getting any brand’s online presence right takes time, and we’ve taken just that to get it how we want it. As well as reflecting our new brand, the website is now better at showcasing the full range of services we provide. As well as looking forward to welcoming a new audience, we think the new website is a great opportunity to remind our existing clients of everything we can offer across creative, media planning and media buying.


It’s not all about the website, though. We’re working on our social media strategy and we’re also applying the brand in all those practical ways you’d expect from us. The signage outside our office has been refreshed, our business cards are looking great, and we’ve got the new email footers sorted. And with those more practical bits and bobs sorted, we’ve had some fun with the branding around our office, too. From the big, bold, branded wall on the staircase outside our office, to the glass table top in our meeting room and of course, a fresh lick of paint in our brand colour.


We’re so pleased to be able to share the new brand with you at last. It’s not just about a fresh image for us, either. It represents how far the agency has come over six years, as it matures into an established name, growing all the time. And there are more exciting times ahead!

Check out the rest of the website and the full range of media and creative services we offer. And of course, if you’re looking to replace or refresh your own brand, we can help with that too! branding