Phew. We’re glad that’s over. There’s been a big, slightly tipsy elephant tiptoeing around the room for the last few weeks but at last, we can shoo it outside and talk about the joys of a brew – and we’re not talking tea.

The last 31 days have been a trying time as some of us take on the #DryJanuary challenge. But more than that, we’ve been doing our best to hold our tongues about lots of our clients.

We work with plenty of names in the brewing and pub industry, and we’ve been avoiding mentioning any of them, to make the alcohol abstinence easier on everyone.

Before Christmas, we launched a piece of work we’d been doing with Cask Marque. Did we shout about that again in January? Oh no we didn’t.

Did we mention how all of us in the office are deep into the planning for BeerX UK at the moment? If you don’t already know, BeerX UK is the UK’s biggest beer and brewing trade event, held annually by SIBA, the Society for Independent Brewers. It’s happening in Liverpool next month? And did we mention it? Of course not.

We didn’t even make a tiny reference to the work we’ve done with McMullen’s, our local brewery here in Hertford. And you won’t have heard a peep about the work we’ve done with CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale.

All that holding back, because we care. Your liver is more important than our business. For January at least.