Brand events can bring huge value. They position you as a leader in your field, showing your commitment to ‘give back’ to your industry by offering opportunities to network and update knowledge. But unless people realise that it’s your brand behind the event, all that value is lost.

That’s where event branding, design and promotion come in.

Event branding and design describe the intentional look and feel of an event, from printed assets to signage and structural elements. Carrying the branding through to your pre-event promotion will mean your coverages starts before the big day even arrives.

Most events, from your child’s birthday party to your wedding, will benefit from a theme, but event branding, design and promotion come into their own for corporate, industry, charity and public sector events. You might be running something substantial like a conference, trade fair, product launch, brand launch or awards ceremony. It could be public, perhaps a food festival, exhibition, awareness event or open day. It might be more targeted, such as a recruitment fair, membership meeting or AGM. Indoor, outdoor, corporate, exciting. They all benefit from professional branding and consistent, considered design.


Why event branding matters.

Event branding is important because it constantly reminds guests of your brand, and pulls the event together in a coherent and professional way. Done properly, it makes the event easy to navigate, and an event that’s well run is an event that people will look back on fondly. And if you’re bold and creative, you can leave a memorable impression, getting people talking online and in person. For many companies, it’s not every day they can talk face-to-face with their audience. It’s time to show off!

Things to think about – your event branding checklist

First, you need to develop the logo and branding for the event. This might fit with your overall brand, especially for an industry event. If your main logo is quite corporate, you might prefer a different look for public events. You’ll need these in different formats so they can be used in different ways, such as for:

  • Promotional materials (printed invites, email mailshots, leaflets, press releases and social media posts).
  • Advertisements for print, social, radio, TV or outdoor.
  • Tickets or e-tickets.
  • Eye-catching signage outside the venue.
  • Directional signage inside the venue, like pop-up signs, exhibition banners, overhead, printed or digital signage.
  • Design, content and production for your event’s brochure, programme or guide, including a floor plan. You might want to think about covering some of the event costs by selling advertising space, too.
  • Delegate lanyards, badges and branded gifts.
  • Uniform, t-shirts and badges to identify your staff.
  • Furniture and structural elements like stands, stage, barriers, temporary walls, fabric partitions, and other freestanding full-build installations.

It’s a lot to think about, so keep the process as smooth as possible.

Finding one agency to handle all your event branding, marketing and design, as well as ad sales and promotional placement, will mean everything works together, you’ll be less stressed and have more time to enjoy the event.

ma is a one-stop-shop for all your event needs.

Not only that, we love events. Darren, our Creative Director, explains:

“Our work sits at that exciting point where the worlds of art and commerce collide and interact. We use our artistic skills in a considered, commercial sense, to get you the result you need. We don’t often get to see people’s reactions to our work in real time, but events are different. They’re when we get to see our creative ideas in action, with people really interacting with our work.”

We’ll design and produce everything from the initial concept, right through to working with our expert suppliers on the production build and installation. We’re a full-service agency, and that means we can also take care of all of your advertising, promotional material, media buying and ad sales too.

Event branding case study: BeerX UK

Each year, theSociety of Independent Brewers (SIBA)runs BeerX UK, the country’s biggest beer and brewing trade event. 2019 marks our fourth year on the event.

We previously designed the BeerX UK logo to fit with the new branding we produced for SIBA several years back. The event logo uses a similar stencil treatment as the new SIBA logo does so that they sit naturally alongside together. The first thing we do is update the logo with the new dates!

Next, usually around November, we’ll meet SIBA to come up with a ‘wants list’ of everything they’re going to need from us. Following that in January and February, we’ll be busy making it all come to life!

This year’s want list covered everything from design assets for use online and for printing lanyards and staff t-shirts, to email signature strips for staff and exhibitors. We produced digital signs for outside the venue, pop-up signs for inside, overhead fabric signs for the nine bars that are being set up, and a whole ‘hub’ area for networking, complete with fabric partitions and rough-cut wood tables showing the logo.

As well as all that, there’s the design and production for the event guide and for SIBA’s annual report, which will be launched during the event. Between them, these take in ad sales, artwork, design and print production.

Finally, as we produce the SIBA Journal for members throughout the year, we’ll be there running its exhibitor stand during the event. And of course, making sure that the design all comes together as planned.

We can handle your event design, branding and promotion.

We’ve got all the skills you need and loads of experience in all sorts of events, large and small. Get in touch to find out more. We’ll make sure your event makes the impression you want, so you can enjoy it.