March is a month of beginnings. As well as being spring, Google tells us it’s International Ideas Month. Who knew!


Ideas are a HUGE part of life for a creative team, as clients look to us to come up with the spark of an idea that will spring up and grow into a flourishing creative concept. See what we did there?


A great concept is an idea that pulls together all aspects of a campaign AND gets your audience excited about them. You can’t rush an idea. Inspiration hits at the strangest, most inconvenient times – at 3am, while you wash the dishes, on your drive home. That’s why they take time to come up with. We immerse ourselves in a project, then walk away for a bit and let the ideas form.


Once we’ve got the concept we make scamps (sketches) or digital mock-ups, so we can share, discuss and develop it with others.


Next, we’ll work up the design elements and formats needed.


If coming up with an idea is spring, you can think of this stage as summer, a period of abundance and production!


And as it all finally comes together, those elements are harvested in autumn… (Oh. Perhaps we’ve taken this ‘seasonal’ concept as far as it can go. Back to the drawing board!).