You may know this guy as the Michelin Man but his real name is Bibendum. Dating to 1894, he’s one of the world’s oldest brand characters and still serves his brand today.


This particular Bibendum lives in the office of our Creative Director, Darren.


“I’ve always been drawn to advertising characters. Growing up using London transport, they were part of my visual world. I remember seeing a print in a book of a 1920 underground poster. It used a beautiful concept, bringing lots of advertising characters of the day to life on the platform. For a boy with an active imagination, it was fantastic.


“My teenage passion for cars brought Bibendum closer, at garages, spares shops and filling stations. I worked as a lorry driver’s assistant with my grandfather one summer, and I still remember the illuminated Bibendum figures on top of the lorry cabs glowing as we loaded up our deliveries in the early hours. I now have two of them which I’m restoring.”


A brand character can be a great way to market a product or service. If you don’t believe us, think about meerkats for a moment… If you’d like to explore the idea of an advertising character for your brand, talk to us.


Love them or hate them, brand characters work!