(If you’ve not bought a card yet, it’s this weekend.)

Mums have a unique place in our lives. We quite literally wouldn’t be here without them.

Despite what some people might think(!), our rebrand as ma isn’t a reference to our lovely mums.

The agency started out six years ago as Media Alive, but last year we stripped our name back to the basics (we say it as M. A.), to let our new tagline, GETTING YOUR BRAND OUT THERE, put clients at the heart of what we do.

That’s enough about that, back to our mums! ma’s MD, Dan says “Ever since my early school days, my mum has supported and encouraged me to work hard for what I want. She’s always behind me and I know she’s proud of what we’re achieving at ma (we always get at least one like on Facebook!). The same goes for my mother-in-law and my wife (mum of our three girls). It’s good to have three strong, supportive women in your corner (and my three young ladies too)!”

We know not everyone is lucky enough to have a great relationship with their mum, but we think Sunday is a day to celebrate the person who ‘mothered’ you and raised you, whatever you call them and whether they’re still with you or not.

Wishing you a wonderful day, from all at ma.