Rather than trying to pull the wool over your eyes, we’re being pretty transparent with our April Fool’s Day fun this year.


Can you spot the made-up ‘facts’ in our quick quiz? How well do you and your team know us at ma? If you don’t want to guess, you can find the answers by having a browse around our website – they’re all there (apart from a few…).


True? Or false?


  1. We like to pretend that cold tea is in fact beer.


  1. We worked with Crystal Palace on the launch of their new kit.


  1. Our agency partnership for media buying gives us a real competitive edge, billing around £150m a year.


  1. Creative Director Darren once pretended to be a limo driver and met a member of The Who.


  1. MD Dan was part of the Spurs youth team.


  1. Our door is always locked and we hate seeing people.


Scroll down to check your answers. How did you do?



  1. TRUE. We do like to pretend that cold tea is beer.

When we’re doing a photoshoot for one of our (several!) clients in the brewing industry, that is.


  1. FALSE. We didn’t work with Crystal Palace on the launch of their new kit. But we did work with West Ham on theirs.

In fact, we worked with West Ham United and Umbro, which Creative Director Darren thinks is WAY better than working with Crystal Palace!


  1. FALSE(ISH). Our agency partnership for media buying does give us a real competitive edge, but it bills much more than £150m a year.

Impressive, right? How about if we tell you the real figure is approximately £300m a year – double what quoted in the quiz? If you want to get some of this competitive edge for your company, take a look here.


  1. TRUE. Creative Director Darren did meet a member of The Who while pretending to be a limo driver.

Yes, it’s absolutely true, but you’ll have to ask him for the details.


  1. FALSE. MD Dan wasn’t on the Spurs youth team

Actually, as a big fan of Arsenal, Dan might have words with us about mentioning him in the same sentence as Spurs. He wasn’t in the Arsenal youth team either, sadly.


  1. FALSE. Of course that last one was LIES! Our door is always open and we’d be happy to see you.

The door is open and the coffee’s good. Give us a call, drop in and say hello. We’re looking forward to seeing you.