Sky AdSmart is the revolutionary approach to TV advertising from Sky which levels the playing field, so businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the unrivalled power of TV – the best of digital and TV combined.

The buzz word in TV just now is ‘addressable’ – the ability to show different ad’s to different households while they are watching the same program. With the help of addressable advertising, advertisers can move beyond large-scale traditional TV ad’ buys, to focus on relevance and impact. AdSmart is very much leading the way. Major network ad’ agency Mindshare believe, ‘Addressable TV will grow its market share from 1% to about 30% of total TV advertising spend in the UK by 2022’.

AdSmart was introduced to the market as an alternative to other regional TV channels but the granularity to which AdSmart can target puts us in unrivalled territory. Before Sky AdSmart, TV advertising was mostly mass market and therefore a big investment. Sky AdSmart’s controllability and precision radically reduces the outlay required, making TV advertising possible for almost any business. In fact, 74% of advertisers using Sky AdSmart are new to TV or Sky.

Here’s a clip to explain further:

AdSmart are 30% up yoy and were subject to a £28bn take-over by Comcast CNBCUniversal making them the biggest global media group. Such a behemoth has an interest in Sky from a revenue point of view but also a strategic point of view due to AdSmart’s unrivalled capabilities.

As of April c.2.5m Virgin set-top-boxes became ‘AdSmartable’, giving even greater reach.

Sky AdSmart allows different ad’s to be shown to different households watching the same programme: this means brands and businesses can now advertise on some of the nation’s favourite channels, but only to the precise audience they want. We can granularly define specific audiences by delivering your ad only to your target audience wastage is eliminated.

Sky Households can be selected based on many factors like age, location and life-stage, derived from a combination of Sky’s own customer data and information from consumer profile experts such as Experian and MasterCard.

Sky AdSmart gives the advertisers the ability to:

 • Restrict the advertising to a specific audience, region, city or postcode area.

• Increase sales and/or brand awareness using the most powerful form of advertising.

• Stand out against competitors.

• Be on TV for as little as £3,000.

• Show their brand in a premium/talked about, most importantly safe, environment.


Pricing is based on a cost per thousand impressions of audience chosen and an impression is a view of 75% or more of the TV commercial played at normal speed – a great USP of AdSmart.

We can help with all aspects of a TV campaign from planning, buying through to full commercial production.

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