Experiential design intrigues audiences, prompting them to engage, experience and share your brand.

There are many platforms which can house an experiential project, and you might use several, depending on your objective.

The platforms provide a space to create the brand experience we’ve designed together, and they drive the thinking about how that experience will look, feel and be shared by your consumers.

We’ve worked campaigns across many platforms:

  • Exhibitions, which harness the combination of attraction, environment, conversation and conversion to grow customer engagement.
  • Environmental campaigns, telling powerful stories using imagery and information which have been created to work in synergy with a particular environment, such as a public space or workplace.
  • Campaigns which are themed and created to enhance the audience’s experience of a specific event or attraction.
  • High-energy, disruptive and imaginative guerrilla marketing, using unconventional ways to grasp the attention of the public on a personal and memorable level.